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"Since all our jewelry and crystals is handmade with Natural Materials. There
will be Color variation and Natural Cracks on Surface. All this makes the
jewelry and crystals look Authentic and Enhance its Character and Value.

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*For other jewellery sizes or other gemstones we are available please contact
with me.
1. Silver 925
2. Oxidized Silver 925
3. Silver 925 with Gold Plated
1. Black Onyx Crystals
*Wire Hook Earrings
*Materials is from: INDIA

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Make your dreams come true each and every day by delivering pure energy into
your life with healing jewelry or crystals by InDaLi Energy. These are more
than just jewelry or crystals, they are jewelry or crystals with meaning and
will transform your life by manifesting miracles.
Our intention jewelry or crystals incorporate the power to naturally cleanse,
clear, and purify your body’s energy. By wearing our healing jewelry or
crystals, you’ll rid negative energy from within your body, allowing you to
experience the pure essence of life.

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This stone heals grief that has gone on too long. It helps you with the
knowledge that there is no death by enhancing your understanding of the wheel
of birth, death and rebirth. Black onyx facilitates you knowing that separation
is an illusion and reunion will come. Promotes psychic contact through seances,
medium-ship, and messages from the dead. Black onyx aids past life and .between
life regression work. Prevents and removes spirit possessions while it keeps
you hidden from evil and protected by the Light. This stone eases loneliness,
makes you feel loved and protected.

This stone carries the energy of Isis. It opens, heals, clears and activates
the third eye chakra, mental body and the mind grid. It helps in bringing in
your higher self, heals soul fragments and helps with soul retrieval. It
promotes ascension, removes obstructions to the mental body healing.
Facilitates contact with spirit guides, angels and the Goddess. Blue onyx aids
psychic communication with animals and contact with dolphins and whales. This
stone quiets the mind.

Green onyx heals karma that it obstructing your life path, clears the path to
growth and movement, promotes achievement. It manifests your spiritual growth
on this plane, heals confusion or resistance to your life agreements.
Facilitates you moving forward in you life. It provides emotional support.
Helps painful knees.

This stone stabilises you and promotes steadfastness. It will help you be firm
in your resolve not to move or change when it is a positive action. It will
also break the pattern of resistance when change is required to move forward in
your life. This is an ideal stone for men.

Onyx amplifies your financial strength and ability to stay focused and to
achieve financial goals. This is the perfect stone for entrepreneurs and helps
the self employed gain confidence and endurance to stay in business. It
promotes longevity in business.
Onyx can help lessen symptoms of headache and is used to help strengthen the
eyes and optic nerves. Onyx stimulates the the base chakra, assisting you in
grounding and connecting with the electromagnetic energy of the Earth. It is an
excellent stone for use in scrying and magical work. It has been utilised as a
magical stone for thousands of years, and is considered one of the best
materials to use for the carving of magical amulets.
Onyx assists in absorbing from the universe, energies that are required for
healing or other purposes It balances the yin and yang energies in the body.
Onyx is beneficial for teeth, bones, bone marrow and blood disorders.
This stone can be used to help stimulate the connection between the base
chakra and the feet. This can help those suffering from weak legs or who have
difficulty grounding, eliminating body wastes or excess energy.

Onyx is a grounding stone that encourages you to feel safe in its presence.
Place an onyx near your bed to stop nightmares or night terrors. Make it your
intention that the stone will guard against any negative influences while you
sleep peacefully. Onyx is beneficial for releasing any type of fear. Onyx
recognises and integrates dualities in yourself. It anchors the flighty into a
more stable way of life and generally imparts self control. Onyx is a mental
tonic that alleviates overwhelming fears and worries. Onyx conveys the
invaluable gift of wise decisions.

Onyx is a perfect stone for your desk or wherever you perform your work. This
stone helps provide mental focus, grounding and the ability to stay on task.
Use this stone to deflect negative thought patterns.
Onyx is ideal for past life work to heal old injuries and physical trauma that
is affecting your present life. Holding a piece of onyx takes your attention to
the site of the previous injury, which can then be released through crystal
Onyx is a secretive stone that assists in keeping your own counsel. However it
is said that onyx holds onto the memories of things that have happened to the
wearer. It can be used for psychometry, telling the story of those who are
sensitive to its vibrations.
Onyx is strength giving. It provides support in difficult or confusing
circumstances an during times of enormous mental or physical stress. It centres
your energy and aligns it with a higher power. Onyx helps you access higher
guidance and its connection with the whole. It can take you forward to view the
future and with its capacity to impart personal strength, helps you to be the
master of your destiny. This stone promotes vigour steadfastness and stamina.
Onyx helps you to learn lessons by imparting self confidence and helping you to
be at ease in your surroundings.

Onyx is beneficial to establish a protective shield when offering spiritual
counselling, tarot card readings, channeling, automatic writing and any other
modality that opens you up to psychic influences. Onyx amplifies telepathic
connections with your own higher consciousness and helps you tap into the
Akashic Records. Use it when you intend to obtain messages from the angelic
realm to open your intuitive ears.
Onyx can enhance spiritual vision and dream experiences. It is useful in
stimulating the psychic senses and is often used for spiritual inspiration.
Heals grief that has gone on too long; promotes knowing that there is no
death; helps in understanding the wheel of birth, death and rebirth; fosters
knowing that separation is an illusion and reunion will come; promotes psychic
contact with those who have died through seances, medium-ship, and messages
from the dead; aids past-life progressions; prevents and removes spirit
possessions; promotes the feeling of being hidden from evil and protected by
the Light; promotes feeling of being watched over by the angels, feeling loved;
eases loneliness; supports going on alone.
Onyx teaches you the appropriate use of power and the focusing of energy into
positive force. It is excellent for those who are working to develop their
telekinetic abilities.

If the earth star chakra is out of balance you may feel disconnected to the
earth and the people around you. You might be suffering from hallucinations,
anxiety from unknown origins or feel no connection with the Divine.
If the heart chakra is out of balance you may have sudden bursts of anger,
jealousy or blaming others for any issues that arise in your life. You might
need constant confirmation of your self worth, feeling unloved or lacks
compassion for others.
With this stone in hand, you are able to connect the lower chakras with the
higher chakras to achieve homeostasis. It will encourage compassion for
yourself and others and enhance your innate healing abilities.
It will assist in encouraging the entire immune system to function at its
peak. It maintains a healthy heart and circulatory system. This stone when
placed on the heart chakra will help with tissue regeneration.
If the throat chakra is out of balance, you may be hyperactive, domineering or
fanatical about your political or religious views. You might also resist change
of any kind and slow to respond to tasks and reasonable demands on your time.
With this stone in hand, you will enhance your clairaudience abilities and
manifest abundance. When used on the throat chakra this stone encourages and
directs your creative abilities. It will help you speak and live your truth.
This stone will assist in improving and maintaining the health of your throat,
esophagus, mouth, teeth and the respiratory system.
If your crown chakra is out of balance you may need to feel as though you are
indispensable in your workplace, or need constant sympathy for perceived
injustices. You might also feel misunderstood by others or find it difficult to
treat others with tenderness and benevolence.
With this stone in hand, you will able to align yourself with the higher
forces of the universe and connect to the subtle bodies of energy that surround
you. It will assist you in linking to your past lives and determine their
effect on your present.
It will help the function of the whole nervous and skeletal systems of the

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*About 7 Chakras
Chakra is a Sanskrit word for a series of circular wheels of energy, in and
around the body. It is believed that we have energy centers in the soles of our
feet and the center of our palms. The 7 chakras line up in the center of your
body. Each chakra is associated with a color, musical note, shape, belief
system, element and specific crystals. The 7 chakras offer valuable information
to help heal the mind, body and spirit.
The basic human chakra system, as it is commonly accepted, consists of seven
chakras stretching from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Their
names, locations and corresponding chakra colors are:

1. Root chakra — base of the spine — red
2. Sacral chakra — just below the navel — orange
3. Solar Plexus chakra — stomach area — yellow
4. Heart chakra — center of the chest — green
5. Throat chakra — base of the throat — blue
6. Third Eye chakra — forehead, just above area between the eyes — indigo
7. Crown chakra — top of the head — violet

Sometimes, a Sanskrit name is used instead of plain English because the study
of the chakra system as we know it in our modern Western culture originates
mostly from yogic traditions from India. You’ll sometimes find them referenced

1. “Muladhara”
2. “Svadhishthana”
3. “Manipura”
4. “Anahata”
5. “Vishuddha”
6. “Ajna”
7. “Sahasrara

The first root chakra represents grounding and stability. Smoky quartz works
on the root chakra to release negative emotions, hematite is used for
connecting with the Earth, and red jasper encourages you to take action.
Rhodolite Garnet it encourages self-respect and self love.

The second sacral chakra is associated with creativity and sensuality.
Carnelian is a sacral chakra stone used for creative pursuits, Tiger’s Eye for
removing blockages, goldstone for sensuality, and leopard skin jasper for
cultivation of the soul.

The third solar plexus chakra focuses on willpower and drive. Citrine is a
solar plexus chakra stone that works to create abundance, yellow jasper for
sharper intuition, and yellow jade for energetic light.

The fourth heart chakra is connected with love and forgiveness. Rose quartz is
a heart chakra stone that opens up the heart to love, aventurine is used for
healing, and leopard skin jasper creates a sense of connection to nature. Green
Jade it helps strengthen and soothe the nervous system.

The fifth throat chakra is linked to freedom of expression and reaching a
higher consciousness. Apatite is a throat chakra stone known for its healing
properties, angelite connects the wearer to the spiritual realm, sodalite
clears energy for positive communication, amazonite is used for clear passage,
and dumortierite promotes kindness and optimism. Lapis Lazuli brings
contentment and a strong sense of family loyalty.

The sixth third eye chakra encompasses inner wisdom, intuition, and guidance.
Fluorite is a third eye chakra stone that magnifies spirituality and amethyst
enhances your natural powers of intuition.

The seventh crown chakra is associated with a higher state of consciousness.
Quartz crystal is a powerful crown chakra stone for clarity of mind and
Botswana agate rocks for healing.

*How to Use Your Crystals or Jewelry
To activate your crystals or jewelry, sit quietly, holding your piece in both
hands. Breathe in the highest white light and visualize your intention for your
piece. The crystals or jewelry are listening. It is now ready to wear.
For optimum results, wear your crystals or jewelry for 70 days.

*Cleansing Your Crystals or Jewelry.
Your crystals or jewelry will work best when they are cleared and cleansed.
So, cleanse and activate them often!
Here are some recommended ways to cleanse your crystals or jewelry:
Place your crystals or jewelry on the soil or branches of a healthy houseplant
for 24 hours.
Place your crystals or jewelry outside under the sun or full moon for at least
4 hours.
Steadily hold your crystals or jewelry in the smoke of a burning Sage stick or
Palo Santo stick until your piece becomes still.
Lay your crystals or jewelry on a piece of Selenite or Quartz Crystal for at
least 6 hours.

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