Unique Handmade Brass Ear Weights for Stretched ears. Brass Earrings shaped as Crescent Moon Earring, Brass Gauge Hanger Brass Gauge Weights

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Earrings, Ear Gauge, Gauge Earrings, Unique Earrings

••• Crescent Moon in Antique finish •••

Available in 2 size options:

• Large Size;
Fits: 4 mm stretched earlobe (5/32" - 6 gauge)
Weight: 32 gram
Measure: 10,5*7 cm

• Small Size:
Fits: 1 mm normal size earlobe (5/128" - 16 gauge)
Weight: 6 gram
Measure: 6*4 cm


This pairs is made by order. Once you purchased them as a pre-order, the
making process is around 2 weeks until they are ready to ship.


Select your size in the options


The complete Moon collection is 16 pieces.
Full Moon, Half Moon, Crescent Moon, The Moon Goddess.
Each design has 2 available finish options Antique look & Shiny look.
Each moon comes in 2 size options.


The Moon Collection was created
for my love and affections to the moon, to the moon phases, how I and all of
us humans are so connected to the moon phases in the way our body reacts, how
we sleep, how we get more energy, how we get less energy and so on.

For centuries, our ancestors have been using the moon and its phases to
calculate days, months, to know the high tide in the water, and the low tide.

Humans have been living by lunar cycles for centuries, and in our modern
world, connecting to these energies can give us a sense of grounding and
synergy with the earth and cosmos.

The moon is also used in how we read our personal zodiacs, to learn and
understand how each person of us who walk on this earth, and the ones who have
been walking before us, are special, unique human beings.

It is actually true, that the time and date we are all born, how the moon
aligns exactly that minute as we take our first breath, we are given a certain
personality, a certain way of being. Isn’t that fantastic!?

Depending on where in the world we are, the moon and her phases has been used
in a different way.
How interesting, right!!!
I think the moon is a great gift and we could learn more about ourselves and
others behavior, by following and understanding how the moon does affect our
mood, our energy, our sleep, our personality and behavior.

I am so amazed by the moon, and I know there are many more who are! I would be
the typical ‘aaahw, look at the moon’ -kind of every day. Without getting bored
to look at it and to think about this magic.

Who else is doing ‘Moon Journaling’ and use the moon phases for personal
Since I was in my early twenties, I started to use the moon for small rituals,
during full moon, I would put all of my crystals (I am a big fan of crystals)
out in the bright moonlight from the pure full moon.
I would sit down with each crystal and hold them and release and embrace the
new energy that was given.
Later on I learned how to use the New Moon and the Full Moon for doing small
personal growth rituals.
The Full Moon is used to let go of old things that we don’t want in our life,
in our ‘space’ or with us anymore, it could be thoughts, behavior or even
physical things. I sat down with my crystals and started to write down all the
things I had in mind to let go of. And when I was done, I would read it and
then burn it.

Same thing on a New Moon, but for the New Moon, the special difference was to
start New and fresh! Thought how I would like to change my perspective on
things, or a behavior, or manifest something new in my life.

And during my years of growing older, these little rituals has been following
me and I still do them, sometimes just in my head, sometimes during yoga, or
meditation. Sometimes, I write things down. And I Do feel calmer and connected
to myself, and has been given myself some selflove and care for each of this
little rituals or moments.

In my art and tattoos, Moons has always been a part of my designs, I love to
incorporate them and sometimes my clients feel the connection better and it
gets a little bit more personalized.

So, I wanted to share my love and to create this collection of earrings that
every ear could wear, weather you have normal pierced ears or stretched ears,
and you could show your love to the moon by wearing your favorite pair!

Here is a little poem that I always have loved since I first found it;

‘The Sun loved his Moon so much, that he would die every night for her so he
could watch her take her first breath’


Our Moon Collection is 4 Moons.
The actual moon phase has, 8 phases…New Moon, Waxing Crescent Moon, First
Quarter Moon, Waxing Gibbous Moon, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous Moon, Third
Quarter Moon, Waning Crescent Moon.

In our moon collection we are focusing in 4 different moons.
So that means, I might have more ideas cooking for the future!

1. The Full Moon

The first moon in our collection is the Full Moon, with its pride and bright
While the new moon is a time to set intentions for the future and launch new
projects, the full moon is a time of culmination and fruition.

In other ways, it is or reminder ‘to do’ and action, let go of things you
don’t want and to put your thoughts into actions in to what change you have set
for your intention for this magic time of the Moon.

When the moon is completely full, it’s a spiritual and energetic climax of
whatever you started when the sun and the moon united at the new moon.

We might feel full of energy this time and want to meet a lot of new people or
do a lot of things.
Some might feel the opposite, that is it time to be spending time with
ourselves and nourish our own needs.

Our Full Moon earrings represent the beauty of the Full moonlight, it’s energy
and magi.
The Shiny brass shines as bright as the fullest moon and mirror our
self-awareness and remind us to give more self-love and care.
And our Antique Brass represent the darkest spots on the moon and remind us to
do what we love, and don’t do things that make you weak or stressed.

2. Half Moon,
also called First Quarter Moon

The so-called Luna or Half Moon is a sign of fertility, related to life and
death. It represents changing in seasons, ebb and tide. And it also represents
the feminine menstrual cycle.
The Half Moon was in some religious books the attribute of Luna and Selene,
later transferred to Artemis, the offspring of the earth mother, known as a
virgin, protectress of newborns and is also a symbol of fertility.
The Half Moon is usually referred symbol to cosmic divine events and as the
nature of human.

The Shiny brass shines as bright as the sunlight partly touches the moon and
our Antique Brass represent the darkest spots on the moon and is reminding us
to listen to our bodies, as we change with the moon phase.

3. Crescent Moon,
also called Waxing Crescent Moon

The phases of the moon offer a beautiful way to connect to nature, mother
earth and her rhythms.
The Crescent Moon brings a spiritual meaning that amplifies the powers. The
waning crescent moon and the waxing crescent moon phases is two paths to deepen
and invite to a unique spiritual meaning.

It prepare you for both New Moon and Full Moon energies and meaning and brings
the energy to both ways and represent what needs to happen on either side of
committing to the intentions you put.

The waxing crescent moon offers guidance as a reflection of the sun energy and
starts to create a silver lining of light on the moons surface.

Watching the waxing crescent moon each evening during this moon phase, to
connect even more deeply, and feel. It connects you to the universe, your
spirit, and that part of you that connects you to anything else growing in and
with you.

Waning crescent moon is on the other side of the Full moon cycle. This is your
pause and your time to rest and relax, and to take in everything In a very deep
inhale, with gratitude and expand your body as you take those deep breaths,
inhale and exhale, peace.
It is now time for you to letting go of anything that is no longer serving
you. A release.

The Shiny brass shines as bright reminder to be present here and now.
And our Antique Brass represent the things we no longer need, rebirth.

4. The Moon Goddess, our number 4 isn’t actually a part of the moon phases,
but it is a symbol called The Moon Goddess, using 3 Moons, Crescent Moon, Full
Moon and Dark Moon.

The Moon Goddess or also called Triple Goddess symbolizes the Goddess of the
Moon, the Earth, and childbirth.

The Moon Goddess symbol is also a symbol to understand and connect us to our
own phases, our higher selves, as we connect to the moon phases, mother earth
and life after us.

The Shiny brass shines bright of purity and honesty, and our Antique Brass
represent the darkest spots on the moon and is reminding us to be humble, and
true, to ourselves, and to others.

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